Draytek Vigor 2820n Setup with Telefónica

In preparation for a probable change of ISP due to silly limitations on uplink speeds I recently bought myself a Draytek Vigor 2820n. I was quite surprised to see that this ADSL router which seems quite popular in the UK and the Netherlands is almost unheard of in Spain. I tried to get hold of one and found out why. There appear to be few distributors here and the price is rather unreasonably high. So I ordered one from BroadBandBuyer.co.uk and it arrived a few days later. For the price of  2 euros I got a UK to Spanish plug adapter and it was still cheaper than buying the router in Spain.

The inital setup to work with Telefónica didn’t take too long. The only thing that took some time was that as I use a fixed IP address I need to set various RFC1483 parameters and also my public static ip address, netmask and default gateway. These are the public values. This didn’t seem to work. I could see the ADSL connection come up but not see routing work externally.

In the end I found a link to this site (in Spanish) where it turns out that it’s necessary to explicitly force the link to be up as otherwise the filters on the Telefónica end make the Draytek think the line is down.

Once solved that got things working.

So next stop is to get the QoS working and perhaps I’ll get a better VoIP voice experience over the Internet. Let’s see.

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