2 thoughts on “WAN – General Setup”

  1. Hi Wayne,

    Sorry it did not work for you. I had a fixed IP address and I believe the configuration is different if you get a dynamic ip address from Telefonica.

    Have a look around on the Spanish ADSL forums and you should hopefully find a better idea of the correct settings.

    As for Telefonica’s support being useless. Well unless you use exactly the same ADSL router they provide and use Windows you are likely to not get helpful advice. I think the technical knowledge of most of the support staff is not that high, though to be honest it probably does not need to be for most support calls. I’ve spoke to some people and they were helpful but it does really depend.

    They also depend on being able to access the router from their side to check or change the configuration. I personally don’t like them having that sort of access. I’m now using Jazztel and again things haven’t changed that much. The service works but the configuration was all done by me checking around the various forums setting what was needed.

    So good luck.

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