Update on my N5200 Support ticket

If you remember my initial troubles with my N5200 I reported having opened a support ticket (TUX-789529) and had no response. It seems there are 2 support systems: one for the USA and one for the rest of the world. As I don’t live in the USA I opened a ticket here. Well my original ticket got closed without me even getting a response. There’s also a support page for US customers. I opened a ticket with them (NOV-15446-427) and did get a response, though to be honest I did not get answers to my questions about whether I did the wrong thing or how I could have better avoided the problems of the data loss that I experienced.

Conclusion, my N5200 Pro is now working happily in RAID-6 (In theory I can survive the loss of 2 disks) with a replaced disk. I do not have much faith with Thecus support, and am surprised by the fact that a product such as this has as little documentation on what to do if disaster happens. I am using RAID-6 and not RAID-5 because I do not trust the N5200Pro. If you buy this product it’s because you want your data to be safe, so these things are important. I’m not going to buy another NAS product so hope that my warming-in period means that I will safely survive the next breakage, which of course will happen sometime in the future.

I hope that Thecus get to read this page and address their documentation and also solve their non-US support. It is not a way to gain happy customers.

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