Is there a MySQL New feature request list anywhere?

Since the time that I’ve been using MySQL I have filed quite a few bug reports. Some of these have been fixed and many of the bug reports are actually new feature requests. While working with MySQL Enterprise Monitor I’ve probably filed more feature requests than bug reports.

That’s fine of course and my opinion of what is needed in MySQL or Merlin is one thing,  yours or the MySQL developers is something else. We all have our own needs and find things missing which would solve our specific problems.

If I have ten feature requests open and only one could be added to the software I’d also like to be able to say: this feature is the most important one for me.

However, it seems to me that there is no easy way in the mysql bug tracker at the moment to group together different types of new feature requests into groups of related features and then see the different types of requested features. I imagine many feature requests may be quite similar, but as I do not have a lot of time to look at all bugs it is easy to lose track of the things that people are asking for. It’s also likely that others who might be interested in my feature request are not aware of the request or able to say “I’d like this too”.

Having a clearer list of requested new features, especially if you have a clearer idea of how many people are interested in these new features (whether paying customers or not) would surely be a good way of guiding the product’s development in the way which would be useful to a wider audience. Is there any way this can be done with MySQL, and how is this done with other products which also are complex and have “insufficient resources” to be able to satisfy everyone’s wish?

Currently I do not feel that I can see where MySQL is going or work out if features that I need might actually be implemented in a reasonable time span (or at all) and that is rather frustrating. Some of the “Enterprise” type features that I think are important such as better partition management (variables such as innodb_file_per_table really suck, but the alternatives of X ibdata files which you can’t manage properly are even worse), better replication (taking out the replication process and putting into a separate daemon which would allow you to do N:1 replication, currently impossible in the current MySQL implementation but actually very useful if you want to have multiple sets of replicated databases each handling their own dataset, but with one or more central servers which see the whole combined dataset) are just larger more complex examples but many simpler changes are also important and some I get told will happen after MySQL 7. For me that’s never never land….

So is there a way that this can all be done more transparentlly?

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10 thoughts on “Is there a MySQL New feature request list anywhere?”

  1. There are some 2300+ feature request bugs submitted.

    You can use the Advanced search ( to narrow your bugs db search for specific categories of features.

    You can specify what area of the server the feature request by selecting the Category: and Severity: of “S4 (Feature request)”

    For example here are all outstanding feature requests that are against the InnoDB engine:

    You can edit and save these queries for later retrieval or subscribe to an RSS feed of these feature requests if you have login at the sites.

    Customers can also notify MySQL than they are affected by an existing bug or feature request to give it a higher priority.

    1. I tried to report a bug, but I couldn’t create an Oracle account because “Company”, “Job Title”, and “Work Phone” are all marked as “* Required information”, and I’m not acting on behalf of an employer. Should people requesting MySQL features other than in the scope of employment request them in MariaDB instead?

      1. I must admit that this is a bit tedious but usually in cases like this I just add “my house”, “something” and if I want to I provide my home / mobile number. (That’s up to you.) I’m sure the validation is not that strict.

        Just do it once and then you can report bugs.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    I’m aware of how to use the search functions in but have found it hard in the past even to find my own bug reports, especially for merlin where I’ve been very busy providing feedback to the developers. There’s also no way for Enterprise customers to view/relate these bugs (from these pages) back to the Enterprise ticketing system, though it is possible to go the other way.

    I am already subscribed to all my bugs and feature requests and also to other tickets which interest me. That’s most helpful.

    However, it would be nice to be able to see similarly grouped feature requests together (you get a broader picture) and also if possible provide feedback on those features which are interesting. I don’t see any way to “vote” for features other than the ways you have indicated above, and to some extent there is no feedback from that moment on what actually happens, and what work actually gets done.

    Whether it’s reasonable to hope to see a bit more feedback from Sun/MySQL/Oracle on some of these things I’m not sure but as you say if there are 2300 feature requests then unless you can narrow them down to something more manageable a lot of stuff may easily get lost in the noise.

  3. Many of the larger feature requests that include a plan to implement them have been entered into the Worklog system. Public worklogs are available at

    The forge site gives you the ability to comment on and rate new features as they are being developed. The comment spam pollution issue is being taken care of.

  4. In December of 2009 I’ve published my own MySQL Wishlist from the user-view of use on . The main development tree of MySQL got too many feature requests. Thats the reason why MariaDB and Drizzle got started to faster build really necessary features that mostly impact performance issues. I think I’ll take over Percona’s saying “We can make it by ourself”, so I’ll start publishing my own MySQL patches. But like every programmer $time is a rare possession and so it will take a while to complete this publication.

  5. Well there may be many feature requests and I don’t think that is bad. What perhaps needs more careful thought is what needs actually doing in each new release and if necessary debating this and prioritising it first. Perhaps paying customers get more attention. I think this is sort of being done at the moment, but just that the process is not very visible to outsiders.

    In fairness to MySQL’s current code, I believe that Drizzle is not production ready yet, so it’s easier for the developers to focus on what’s necessary to get a minimal complete working version. Of course that’s likely to have certain features missing which may or may not be a problem for you or me when we start to look seriously at this product. MySQL may have it’s own weaknesses but it generally works and for many problems the commercial solutions which better solve some issues may have other issues of their own, cost being one of them.

    So my real comment here was to say that yes there are worklogs, and bug reports and feature requests but no forum where the mysql users seem to be clearly able to influence where the mysql development goes.

    Forking (like Monty has done) is only really possible if you have enough resources to back this process up and then is a long struggle from then on, so not something that MySQL users are going to want to do themselves.

    I guess for the moment we just hope that MySQL/Sun/Oracle push the development in the right direction to keep us all happy.

  6. Hi Shane, on the 23rd of December 2008? Your clock is wrong somewhere or this feature request was made 15 months ago? Either way it would indeed be useful.

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