Upgrading DES3010F firmware to Build 4.20.B27

I recently managed upgrade my D-Link DES3010F switch to Firmware Version: Build 4.20.B27, requiring Hardware Version: A4, Boot PROM Version Build: 1.01.009.

This failed for me about a year ago, leaving the switch unusable and it wasn’t clear what the problem was.  The switch is a managed switch, that is you can configure many things like VLANs, and prioritise traffic in various ways. Finally thanks to the DLINK support I worked out that the problem had been that I had previously attempted to update the Firwmware version using an older Boot PROM Version Build: 1.01.007 and this made the switch fail when it booted with the 4.20.B27 firmware version.

So if you try to upgrade the firmware version without first upgrading the Boot PROM version you may find you have the same problem.

The switch stops working. If you connect to the RS232 console you see the following:

So the switch complains about copying the new firmware into RAM during startup.

I eventually found a copy of the old firmware ES30XXR4_RUNTIME_V4.00.018.had and managed to load it back using minicom and the zmodem transfer via the RS232 interface. Initially I thought that the problem was with the firmware. Indeed in the call to DLINK support they said that you had to be very careful using the right firmware on the right switch as there are various different hardware models (due to country differences) and if you use the wrong version the firmware would not work. However they weren’t too clear on providing me with the firmware I needed.

So after trying again a year later and being told to use the firmware which I knew did not work I asked, “are you sure? This did not work last time.” and they came back saying. Please upgrade the BOOT PROM version first to version P101009.had. This was the missing step and once complete allowed me to upgrade to the latest firmware. The firmware file I used to upgrade the switch was: DES-3000_Series_A3_FW_v420.B27.had.

This is what this looks like when you are upgraded:

DES3010F configuration screen
DES3010F configuration screen

The Boot PROM version needs upgrading via the RS232 serial port using ZMODEM upgrade.

Now that this is done I have the advantage of being able to talk to the switch using ssh rather than telnet and also there are a few improvements in the options for managing the switch. So I am happy.

I’m reporting this here simply as when I was trying to resolve the problem I could not find the answer. If you have the same switch and are looking to do the same thing this post may help you.

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9 thoughts on “Upgrading DES3010F firmware to Build 4.20.B27”

  1. Dear Simon,

    I have a dlink des-6500 chassis switch, i try to upgrade its firmware but chassis hanged inbetween and now i am unable to access the chassis switch. i am still able to login to 6500 using hyperterminal but 6500 is not recoganizing it line in modules any more and so i am not able to connect 6500 to a tftp server.

    i have tried reset config and reset system command via cli but still its not recognazing its line in slot modules of any kind wether its gigabit modules or fastehternet modules.

    it has not upgraded to latest firmaware, can you tell me the way to restore 6500 firmaware via console only as its not able to connect to its line in modules

  2. First as you can imagine I am not a dlink support person so was only reporting a problem I had and what was needed to fix it.

    Your brief description of the problem leads me to think the problem may be the same thing. It’s also likely that the firmware and hardware of your switch is different to time. So I would suggest that you contact dlink support and provide them AS MUCH information as you can such as:
    1. the original version of the firmware/software you were using
    2. what firmware you tried to load, where you got it and how you did it.
    3. what output you get from hyperterminal when you start the switch

    Hopefully you’ll speak to someone who can determine what the problem is and how to recover. It sounds to me as if you’ll need to configure hyperterminal to send the appropriate firmware to the switch via zmodem, which is what I needed to do.

    In the meantime if you know what version of the firmware you had running before you might be able to find it and try to load that into the switch at least to get you running. That worked for me.

    Remember it took me 1 year almost to successfully get the new firmware into the switch. The reason is quite simple: very little documentation on dlink’s web site about this, and it taking some time for me to talk to the right support people who determined the real problem and how to solve it.

    I hope your experience will be better.

  3. Hello,
    Excuse my english i’m french.

    I’ve got exactly the same problem as you and the issue is the same as the screenshot you’ve posted above.

    You said you used minicom to transfert FRMW via zmodem protocole.
    Personnaly, I try with hyperterm but I have always got the message “requesting start packet” and the transfert does not start…

    Where can I find minicom and please can you tell how did you do to change the speed of the connexion because with hyperterminal i’m forced to dsiconnect to change the transmit speed.

    Before update, my firmware was …. but I don’t remember the version of the PROM ?

    Thanks in advance for your response.
    Best regards.

  4. minicom is for linux/unix boxes. I guess you are using windows so it won’t work for you. Nevertheless hyperterm should work if you get the right terminal settings working.

  5. For your information, I’ve succeded to get my appliance by flashing the PROM with P101009.had as you were talking above.

    So, no problem with Hyperterm under WXP Service Pack 3, the solution was to use the good cable…

    Many thanks.

  6. Yes, getting the right serial cable or the right configuration of the serial port has always been an issue. Pleased you finally solved the problem.

  7. Thank you !

    Old page but good page.
    First, upgraded firmware 3.x to 4.x. Never rebooted completly…

    Then I see this page >> upgraded the PROM via ZMODEM.

    And finally switch booted with new firmware and my settings 🙂

    Thanks again

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