Checking IPv6 support in my existing hardware

As part of my IPv6 setup I wanted to check what support I could expect for my current hardware. This post relates the results I got by checking on each one.

  • Linux PC – IPv6 is supported in Linux
  • MacBook – IPv6 is supported in MacOS X
  • Windows 7 NetBook – IPv6 is supported in Windows 7
  • Draytek Vigor 2820N – Draytek support in Spain confirmed to plans to implement IPv6 on this box, but they have 1 IPv6 aware router so future models should hopefully have support.
  • HP Officejet Ro L7680 Printer – this printer has a network connection. A support request on HP’s website generated an automatic message saying my printer was no longer supported.  So no chance to even say: no we won’t support IPv6 on this printer but newer ones might include IPv6 support.
  • LinkSys SPA941 IP phone – very small devices so I’m guessing this won’t happen, even though LinkSys is now part of Cisco
  • LinkSys SPA3102 PSTN connector – see above
  • LinkSys PAP2T – see above
  • Siemens C470IP
  • Thecus N5200 PRO – opened support ticket, waiting for response. This should be easy as inside this box runs Linux.
  • D-Link DES3010F managed switch – no support, but dlink does have other managed switches which do support IPv6. This would be necessary if I wanted to do VoIP over IPv6.  The current switch does not allow me to configure QoS which has been important for my VoIP setup. Maybe I’ll need to upgrade.

The clear result of this is that while PCs support IPv6 most consumer grade devices do not and I guess until there is a demand for this it’s unlikely to change.

It would be nice to have support for IPv6 on my devices as until that time if I want to connect to them when using IPv6 I’ll need to setup some sort of proxy arrangement. For a printer that is probably easy, but for something like NFS (which I use my Thecus for) I’m not sure that’s so easy. Also for my VoIP devices I’ll have to see if Asterisk or FreeSwitch support VoIP over IPv6 and if they do they can be configured to act as a gateway. However until I have a single IPv6 enabled VoIP device the gateway won’t be necessary.

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2 thoughts on “Checking IPv6 support in my existing hardware”

  1. For the record, FreeSWITCH has full IPv6 support which is currently being used by a number of people/companies. At last i heard, Asterisk was supposed to have v6 support in 1.6, but then I think they moved it back to 1.8 if I’m not mistaken.

  2. It was nice to get feedback from Draytek on my request about IPv6. At least it seems things are on their radar even if I will not get this functionality on my current router.

    Subject: Re: [Ticket#20100916xxxxxxxx] DrayTek Corp - Customer Survey -
    2010/09/16 07:07:40
    Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 17:27:01 +0800
    To: Simon J Mudd
    From: Draytek Support

    Dear customer,

    We have to say sorry about Vigor2820 won't support IPv6 for the operation system
    limitation. We are developing a new product to support IPv6 for our customers.
    Thanks for your enquire.

    Best regards,
    FAE Department / Draytek Corp.
    DrayTek: for Vigorous Broadband Access

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