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When originally looking around to find out how to connect to a IPv6 network there seem to be quite a few different options and providers.

I originally requested an allocation with Hurricane Electric but had trouble setting up the tunnel. Their web page said they could not ping my public IP address (my router) and this prevented them allowing the tunnel to be created. My ADSL router does not have any ICMP filters configured and as the public IP address is forwarded to my Linux PC I knew that did not either. I also remember when setting up my ADSL connection with Jazztel that I had some configuration issues, and this turned out to be related to the fact (from what I remember) that Jazztel block ICMP traffic to the customer’s IP address.  So with this problem I looked to see if I could find another tunnel broker.

I’m currently using and a tunnel end point that is local in Madrid, hosted it seems by Neo-Sky. The instructions for setting up the tunnel worked pretty much as expected with one minor detail. As my PC is NATed behind my ADSL router the creation of the sit tunnel requires the local address to be specified as the RFC1918 address and not my public IP address.

That is the following were needed.

When creating the IPv6 address allocation the page sends you a confirmation with the configuration details depending on your hardware but does not show this on the web page itself. So if you incorrectly provide the OS / setup, it sends you the wrong information. I’d much rather there were an additional page for each allocation with show me my config, and then based on you specifying the hardware setup.

The configuration script that I’m currently using is not using the standard OS mechanism so I still need to see how to adjust this to fit in with RedHat’s configuration files.  This is cleaner, and something I still need to do.

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  1. After a couple of weeks of being on holiday I received a message that the tunnel had been deleted and indeed my ipv6 connectivity went down. The login page of the website doesn’t seem to work properly with firefox so I’m going to look for another tunnel broker which works (for me).

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