Setup local name server to serve IPv6 addresses for my domain

In order to use IPv6 you probably need to setup things so that your sites can be reached over IPv6. I manage my own DNS server for my domain so decided to make my DNS server reachable over IPv6.  This did not sound too complicated.

This required 2 things:

  • Ensure that Bind 9 was configured to receive and respond to queries on this address
  • Tell my registrar about the IPv6 address of my domain

I checked my DNS software, Bind (v9), and it did not seem to be responding to DNS requests to the IPv6 address. A quick look around indicated that I had to add an extra block in the options section of named.conf

My registrar is and I’ve been using them for a long time without trouble. So I went to their configuration page and saw that I could add another ip address for my name server. So here I added my IPv6 address. The software did not complain and I shortly found that querying the .org name servers I could see my AAAA record had been added.

Those 2 changes enabled me to offer DNS resolution for my domain over IPv6.

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