Starting to play with IPv6

Other the last few years I’ve read quite a lot about IPv6 but not really done a lot about it. The theory is easy but when you actually look to try to set it up you suddenly find that most hardware does not really support it.

  • My ISP (Jazztel) have told me they don’t provide an IPv6 service.
  • My Draytek 2820n ADSL router does not support IPv6. Draytek seem to be just starting to look at this in their Vigor 2130 series, but my ADSL router is not covered.
  • My Thecus N5200 Pro NAS device does run Linux underneath so it can be configured to support IPv6. I’ve recently upgraded to firmware version dated 2010.06.15, and have logged into the box. It seems the kernel is not built with IPv6 support. I’ve made a support ticket requesting that IPv6 support is added. Let’s see what they say.
  • None of my 4 VoIP devices (Linksys SPA3102, SPA941, PAP2T, Siemens C470IP) support IPv6, though given the extra overhead of IPv6 while you need to tunnel it performance may not be very good.
  • My D-Link DES3010F managed switch has options for managing traffic priorities based on QoS. I need this for the VoIp quality to be decent as I’ve mentioned before. Again this only works for IPv4. So if I really wanted to do VoIP on ip6 I’d be back to square 1. Newer DLINK switches do appear to support IPv6, so maybe at some point I’ll have to consider upgrading.
  • My HP Officejet Pro L7680 printer has an ethernet adaptor but does not support IPv6. I’ll also ask HP about this.
  • My Linux box of course supports IPv6 so that is good.
  • My MacBook also supports IPv6. Again that is useful.

So for the moment I have done little more than setup an IPv6 tunnel and configure apache so that if you want to read this using IPv6 you can do so using Of course you won’t see any difference but this name only runs on an IPv6 address. I’ll have to check my logs to see if there are many accesses over IPv6.  If you get unable to connect type errors it’s likely you are trying to connect from an IPv4 based host. If you really think you are using IPv6 and this does not work please let me know.

I’ll have to see how I can bring other services up and running under IPv6 and will let you know how I get on.

So what experiences have you had setting up IPv6 at home?

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