Don’t forget to monitor your nameservers

As I mentioned in a past article I got my IPv6 connectivity working so started working on setting up various IPv6 services. One of these was to setup my name server so it also worked on IPv6.

This worked fine, but recently I lost my IPv6 connectivity but thought no more about it. I’m trying to get it working again but that’s not happened yet.

Over the last few days I’ve had some intermittent issues logging in to my home pc from my laptop and I couldn’t figure out why. Eventually I had a look at the DNS requests and of course some requests were being made to my non-reachable name server. This generated some network delays while the resolver timed out and then tried talking to one of the IPv4 name servers and correctly retrieving the information.

So conclusion, if you setup yourself with a name server for your domain and include access on IPv6 then ensure that you monitor it. I do run nagios at home and intend to add some extra checks so that I can see if there are problems. Even when playing with IPv6 if you don’t have things setup properly it can affect non-IPv6 activity…

Once the unreachable IPv6 AAAA entry was removed from my name server things went back to normal.

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Simon J Mudd

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