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I have just returned from holiday and while it’s not normal reading during some of my spare time I managed to read a couple of books on IPv6 I’d recently bought to get me up to scratch and refresh my memory on the topic.

These books are:

The first book is quite good, and while a little old provided a good solid background for me on the subject. A lot of the information was not relevant to my interest in setting up a networked SOHO network but that’s not really a problem. The background was interesting.

The second book was a bit of a mistake. I’d ordered it as it was a second edition and therefore up to date but I hadn’t realised that it was by Microsoft. Not a problem really but of course the focus was very much on Windows and Windows commands to achieve many things. I was surprised that Microsoft don’t support ripng (IPv6) or OSPF v3 even if they don’t really expect people many windows administrators to actually use them.  There’s also quite a lot of talk about ISATAP and TEREDO tunnelling which is not even mentioned in the Cisco book. Whether that’s because the Cisco book is not fully up to date or simply because these are rather Windows centric tunnelling mechanisms I’m not so sure.

So in the end the 2 books were useful. Certainly Cisco’s documentation and I liked the routing info which was useful.

I’m curious if you can recommend other IPv6 specific books, especially those related more to Linux and perhaps setting up systems in a SOHO environment. Comments welcome.

I’m also considering setting up another router with openwrt as this seems to be a good way to get the connectivity independently of the IPv4 infrastructure I currently have. That however is still work in progress and while my IPv6 tunnel is down I can’t make much progress.

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