Review of IPv6 Network Administration

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This essential guide explains what works, what doesn’t, and most of all, what’s practical about IPv6–the next-generation Internet standard. A must-have for network administrators everywhere looking to fix their network’s scalability and management problems. Also covers other IPv6 ben…

A little outdated – needs updating

By Simon Mudd from Madrid, Spain on 8/18/2010
3out of 5

Pros: Well-written, Easy to understand

Cons: Too basic

I forgot to check the date this book was published before buying it and that was a mistake. The content was pretty good but as it was written in 2005 a lot of what it says regarding versions of operating systems and the current status of software is well out of date. That’s unfortunate and could probably be easily corrected. I think that while the target audience is not clear, I am looking from a hobbyist’s perspective as to how to setup my current home network to IPv6 and I did not really get enough information. The fact that wifi is pretty common now, but that if the wifi router you use does not support IPv6 (which is typical) then you have to make tunnels in your own IPv4 lan to achieve connectivity between hosts.

I have many other O’Reilly titles and some of them are very good. I was hoping for more from this one especially as I had previously bought IPv6 Essentials some time back.


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