XS4ALL offer IPv6 connectivity to retail customers

Good news. I was told by a colleague that the Dutch ISP XS4ALL is offering IPv6 connectivity to its retail customers. You can see here although the comments are in Dutch.  They also provide a list of ADSL routers which should work for their service. The Cisco name may not be surprising but this is good publicity for Draytek and AVM FRITZ!box for their products. Hopefully it will also stimulate other SOHO router providers into the act to get their names on the list.  Let us hope that more ISPs start to offer this sort of service to their customers.

I’m not sure if there’s a list of residential ISPs in each country which provide IPv6 connectivity. If not it might be worth making one and updating it as new providers off this service.

I checked my ISP, Jazztel, and was not really surprised to see that neither technical support or the sales staff really new what I was talking about when I asked if they were planning on offering IPv6 support. That’s unfortunate, but I don’t think any other Spanish ISP is any better.  That is any other residential ISP in Spain. I expect some of the larger bigger ISPs are likely to off this to business customers.

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