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  1. Hi,
    interesting post. We run a community broadband using 4 Draytek 2820s and one 3300v. We had some niggling problems with one (2820) with v.old firmware and I googled draytek and downloaded the 3.3.5. this caused no end of problems -not least that I could only ‘see’ it with Chrome. Firefox -my standard, nor IE would load its pages.[would get to the ‘new’ loginscreen -as your pic- then hang]
    I then realised that I had googled draytek .com not the .co.uk and they were/are only showing the 3.3.4 as latest for 2820. Reverted? to the 3.3.4 and seems much happier and we can at least log in to it!

    We’ve got our own SIP troubles but not I believe directly related to the 2820 routers -but I’ve been wrong before!

  2. Hi Simon,
    I’m pretty sure I have the same issue you’re experiencing. I’ve been troubleshooting with Draytek support over the last couple of days. I think I’ve managed to narrow down the issue to the Firewall Data Filter in the Firewall General Settings. If I disable it, my SIP accounts stay registered. Have advised Draytek support of my findings, will see what they say. Keep you posted, cheers Sinc.

  3. Looks like 3.3.5 firmware login page only works with Internet Explorer.

    The HTML code is missing quotes around many of the attributes, which appears to be throwing Firefox perhaps?

    1. I don’t think that’s entirely true though I’m still running the following version: Firmware Version :

      In my case I’m using firefox and was told that it may be necessary to clear the cache on the browser and any previous cookies for the “site” of the router. That seemed to fix the problem but seems a bit drastic and certainly not intuitive to make access to the router work.

  4. I had a similar issue on 5 3300 firewalls. They would just ‘lock up’. A downgrade fixed it but getting the right code took a bit of trial and error.

  5. Actually now I’m running:

    Firmware Version :
    Build Date/Time : Apr 7 2011 18:06:01
    ADSL Firmware Version : 211011_A Hardware: Annex A

    This version still does not seem to be perfect and requires me to reboot the router every now and again.

  6. Did the hardware reset work and were you then able to login. I upgraded firmware and am also not able to login, I get a “user mode is no off” message and nothing else

  7. @Alain:
    Had same issue – turns out that you have to enter username AND password these days.
    Previously I could login with blank username and just fill in the password.

    Hope it helps.


  8. I had the same issue and stumbled upon this entry here.
    Took me a few goes to guess what the username should be (previously blank).

    That’s pretty bad really as I had thought I had broken my router. The error message isn’t much help either.

  9. Hi,
    Great article and I think the issue is also in draytek vigor 2710. It registers for 1 time and after +- 10 minutes it disconects again. Could you please confirm that you also had this issue?

    Can you also confirm that in your case downgrading to a previous version will work?

  10. Mr router also came from the UK but is used elsewhere and to be fair, I wouldn’t expect UK support people to know what’s best on our local system or to have information about it so as their email says (and I do) speak to the international department and they support a product in any area. You wanted to save a few dollars by not supporting your local dealer and then complain that you can’t get support from them…. and you blame THEM ? I don’t know what line of work you’re in, but if you’re a programmer, if I hired a cheap one from India could I call you up to debug their code, even if they’re not familiar? This is not an EU thing – you deliberately bypassed Alvaco to save some money and they wanted their help – that’s a cheek at the very best. If it goes wrong asnd needs repair you’d also have to pay to have it sent to the UK or USA I guess… Anyway, contact support@draytek.com for International support….

    (I know it’s an old thread but it came up when I was searching)

    1. Random Visitors who do not want to identify themselves…

      I’ve allowed this comment in but to be honest I think you miss the whole point.

      The hardware is in most countries the same. The prices are not. I do not see any justification for that, especially in the EU where there is supposed to be a free flow of merchandise. I took advantage of that. Note: perhaps some people in Spain may not be able to speak English well, and may not be technical enough to lookup the parent company’s website and find newer versions of firmware. In the IT world that is likely to be less true.

      I work for an international company where there is support in multiple languages to clients in multiple countries. I think that’s the way it should be. I am a Draytek customer: I bought their product. Trying to segment markets in the day of the Internet is simply pointless, and those companies who do not see this will in the end probably lose business or not grow as much as they could.

      I’m still using the same router. It works pretty well though doesn’t support the IPv6 I’d like to setup on it, so I’ve bought hardware from another vendor which covers this need. When finally my ISP provides IPV6 directly I’ll need to swap routers but for now it does the job I’ve asked from it and I’m happy.

      I do not know if you work for Draytek and certainly hope not. In the meantime given the support I received I try to avoid it, and look for products where self-help works fine, or where the support is good and the intention of the people I talk to is to help their customers. Long term they are likely to be the people that will get more orders than those that do not pay [much] attention to their customers.

  11. simon – your wonderfully on topic message was a pleasure to read and great information for me. I have suffered the same problem with draytek. i bought a device online with the firm expectation that i could use the relevant uk forum to obtain information about that device. But no, they prohibit me from looking at that information because i use this device in Costa Rica. Companies benefit from globalisation but try to impose geographic isolationism on their products. They all try it. I say stuff ’em….
    Can i ask which company’s devices you turned to after your experience with Draytek?

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