MySQL 5.6, GTID and performance_schema

Not much to add really to the bug I’ve filed here: bug#67159.

Again this GTID stuff looks good, but seems to prevent changes in the configuration of performance_schema, which I think is not appropriate, especially as P_S now has lots of extra goodies and after 5.6 will surely have even more.

MySQL-5.6, GTID and binlogs on slaves

Not much to add really to the bug I’ve filed here: bug#67099.

I personally can think of some very nasty consequences of applying this on the slaves I manage, and the reason I’m posting the bug is that while I guess this is too late to fix in 5.6 as it’s effectively a new feature, I’m sure many sites may bump into this and be somewhat disappointed if they want to use the new GTID feature and have several slaves.  Hence, if the fix/feature has to go into MySQL 5.7 then I hope it goes in sooner rather than later. We will see.

Updated: 2013-09-19

I probably should have updated this earlier but it does seem that Oracle have taken these comments on board. See: WL6559.  It looks like they plan to do this for 5.7 which is good news. I’m really hoping that we will not have to wait too long for this version as it has other “goodies” which are going to be interesting. Reducing the time of the release cycle will I think allow those of us who appreciate these new features to have access to them sooner.

More GTID troubles in MySQL 5.6

A colleague, Kris, commented recently on a recent find I made on 5.6.7-rc1 which while not the end of the world does seem to severely limit the use of the new GTID features, or if nothing else make it a pain to use.

Today I found another related issue, when trying to check the syntax of one of the MySQL commands. That’s now reported as bug#67073.

All of these are sort of edge cases but do make 5.6 look a little rough round the edges, when the rest of the product is actually really good and a great improvement from The MySQL 5.5 GA version that everyone uses.  That’s really a shame.

I did report the Original problem as SR 3-6270525721 : MySQL 5.6.7-rc1, grants, replication and GTID cause problems, but of course that’s not visible to the general MySQL community and while this specific issue with the help tables has been reported in I do get the feeling that other users of MySQL may report issues which are not visible to the community as a whole and that means that solutions, workarounds or even the possibility of saying “I have that problem too” is no longer possible.

For many tickets I’ve chosen to make 2 tickets, one on MySQL’s and another internal Oracle ticket but this is really a nuisance and time waster, and in the end I don’t believe it’s helpful to anyone.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who suffers from this.  I also note that when browsing for what’s changed in the lastest release such as you see references to the internal bug numbers which many people can not even access. I am able to see most of these tickets but many people are not so the problem and resolution become rather opaque. That’s counterproductive for everyone. Improving this reporting of changes would help us all.

Oracle, please make this work in an easier manner so that issues with mysql software can be more visible (if the reporter choses to make this so), information on changes and bug fixes is also more complete, as this will save time and frustration for everyone.

Note: Opinions expressed above are my own.