CentOS 6.3 now installs on Mac Mini (mid-2011)

After lots of pain and trying to get CentOS 6 to work on my Mac Mini mid-2011 and failing, I finally find that CentOS 6.3 does indeed install.  Previous versions did not work for me, but I’m delighted to see that RedHat have done great work and the work they did that made it work on Fedora 17 has obviously been ported to CentOS 6.  The issue in the past had been the Mac would not boot the  install DVDs.

So all that was needed was for me to burn the (new?) CentOS-6.3-x86_64-netinstall-EFI.iso image, press ALT on boot and the DVD booted fine, and the install went along the same way as any normal CentOS/RHEL installation.  In fact I’ve been able to keep my original Fedora setup as the Volume Group I’d previously had setup on my disk was recognised so all that I needed to do was to create a new “root” logical volume and install on to that.

So thanks RedHat. You now make it much easier for me to migrate my “main” but older system on to this Mac.

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