Looking for an economic multi-disk NAS for home usage

I’m looking for an economic multi-disk NAS box for home usage. Ideally one that will take more than 2 disks and supports NFS. Of course there are some nice more expensive models costing around $1000 or more, but I’m looking for something a little less expensive. I’ve recently come across the Edge10 NAS400 which sounds quite nice, and has a nice price too. Unfortunately there are few external reviews I can find about this device. I’ve been given a test report from the manufactures which I’m reading now. I’ll let you know what I think.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Who has a VoIP PABX at home?

The “techies” who have been using Internet for ages do a wide variety of things. It just seems to me that few people use VoIP except for the simple stuff. Is that really so?

I’ve been using Asterisk for some time. I currently live in Spain. My parents live abroad, and for five years I was living in the Netherlands. So even if national calls aren’t expensive saving costs on International calls was something I was interested in. I’ve still got a couple of DID numbers in other countries which make it easier for me to be reached by family and friends. I use both IAX and SIP, the latter being more of a pain to configure for home use behind a NAT router with one ip. My own landline is linked to Asterisk too.

When I talk about VoIP to other friends and colleagues I seem to be the only one using VoIP in this way. I’m not sure why that is. Those who I know that have played with VoIP have a single account, not connected to their telephone line, and they use that mainly for cheaper outgoing calls. Few seem to incorporate their own phone line into the system and just use the PABX (Asterisk in this case) for all calling.

So am I really that odd, or is VoIP too hard at the moment even for most techies? If so that’s a real shame.