Setup internal extensions

I want to setup local extensions slightly differently from the default FreeSWITCH extensions. This has basically meant that the pattern “^(10[01][0-9])$” needs to be replaced, in my case by a 3-digit extension number. In my case the use of 10XX already exists in Spain for other uses so I’ve chosen to use 2XX as this prefix is not used here. This avoids overlapping the normal numbers and thus is more transparent to my SOHO users who don’t really want to know there’s a PBX running here.

To do this requires removing the current internal extension usage in several places:

  • dialplan/default.xml: adjust the section named “Local_Extension” and remove the default values replacing with a regexp for the local extensions: “^(2[0-9][0-9])$” replaces the previous values.
  • dialplan/public.xml: remove the extensions as I don’t want them visible from outside. That is remove the section named “public_extensions”
  • Note to FreeSWITCH developers: the naming seems inconsistent, or at least the mixture of upper case on one name and only lower on the other. Trivial to fix and makes things look a bit more consistent. Also the mixture of singular and plural.

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